DevBlog #4: New UI system and further refactoring

Soooo, the refactoring on the UI system is done now. Unfortunately I had not that much time I wish I’d have had, but studying and working takes a lot of time.

Currently I’m working on the architecture of the code. In the most recent commits, I separated UI-code from the logic and created a dependency injection class (called Locator). The locator will create things like services and tools and helps to implement new features even faster. It already helped to find bugs and unwanted behavior and solved a problem I hab a long time with the toolbar and its buttons.

The next step is to finish this separation of the UI-code and the logic, switch all services and tools to the locator and may restructure the services (there’re many hacks in them). This would also be the next version (0.1.4). After that, I’ll focus on new features and improve things like the drawing algorithm.