What is METRO?

METRO stands for Master of established transport railway operators and is a simple structured and minimalist designed train simulator. It's written in JAVA using the LibGdx framework for all the graphic and rendering stuff.

Everything is open-source that means that you can edit, contribute or use the code, images and sound of this project. Every content (except the font-files) is created for this project and is not owned by any third parties.

This site will just describe what the parts of the game are. If you want to know how to do something in particular, please visit the wiki.



In the game you can build stations and tracks, create lines on them and let trains drive from station to station. Each train has its benefits but also its disadvantages (such as price or life-time). The longer a train is used the more expensive the maintenance gets.

The world of METRO is a grid on which you play. Every station, track and line can only be build along the crosses of the grid (called nodes). This keeps the playground clear and structured.

Not every part of the world is equally profitable. Every node has its profitable-index (number from 0 to 9) that says how many passengers are in this area.

The goal of the game is to earn as much money as you can 😉

How to play


You need at least Java7 (that's the version of the development) to run the game. Other versions (like Java6 or 8) may also work (please report any errors).

Normally you can click on the .jar-file or via a context menu that looks like right-click → open with ... → Java. You can also use the command line, go into the directory with the .jar-file and just enter java -jar METRO.jar.

If you have any problems with the execution or any runtime errors, please send an email to contact@metro-sim.de or create a ticket on github (please have a look if anybody else had the same problem).

Trains, Tracks, Lines and stations


(coming soon)

The wiki


There's also a wiki with all these information including instructions on how to create things and stuff. Check it out.